Frequently Ask Question

How can I purchase a test package?

You need to visit Online Test Panel of SSCtube at and register yourself by filling in the required details. Sign in with the user-Id/Email-Id and password and after successful login, click on "Buy Package" on left side of the page. Choose the Test Package you want to purchase and click on "BUY NOW" to proceed for payment.

How soon will my test package get activated?

Once the payment is processed successfully from the user end, subscription will start automatically and user can view/take the tests purchased by him/her.

What are the available modes of payment through which I can buy/subscribe to your test material?

Available modes of payments are: - Credit Card / ATM-cum-Debit Card / Internet Banking.

Where can I view the test package that has already been purchased by me?

After Signing in, Click on "My Test" on left hand side. You can view tests available to you under "Paid Test".

I have purchased a test package however, some of the tests are not visible to me?

Tests will get mapped (or appear) to your account as per pre-defined schedule of each test. You cannot access it before its scheduled time. However, you can take that test as per your convenient date and time till the validity of your account.

Money has been deducted from my account but still I am not able to view any of the tests under "Paid Test".

In such case, you must call us on 9582383798 to get the needful done.

Where can I see my Report or can I see my test analysis again?

Yes you can view your test analysis as many times as you want. You need to click on "Reports" tab on left side of the page and click on "VIEW REPORTS" on right side of the test for which you want to see the analysis. You can view your Score Card, Time Management, Questions Report, Solution, Compare Your Self, Difficulty Level and Topic Report till the validity of your account.

Can I get analysis of my previous tests?

You can view the analysis of all your previous tests till the time your subscription is valid. Once it expires, you won’t be able to see the paid tests analysis.

If I face any problem during tests, what should I do?

If you face any problem while taking tests, you can contact us by sending an email at or WhatsApp/Call us at 9582383798.

What should I do when server gets down automatically/frequently while taking the test?

You can switch your browser to Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. If problem still persists, you may report to us by sending an email at or WhatsApp/Message to us at 9582383798.

Can I deactivate my SSCtube account?

Once registered, account with SSCtube cannot be deactivated.

Can I cancel my Test Package and will my money will be refunded to me in such cases?

No. Once a test pack has been purchased, SSCtube will not be able to provide any refund, either in full or in part.

I have already purchased a package from SSCtube. Can I degrade/upgrade my test package?

It may be noted that once the package is bought by the user, it cannot be downgraded. However, package can be up graded by paying the differential amount to SSCtube and in such case, user may write to us at or WhatsApp/Call us at 9582383798 to know the process regarding this.

I have paid for one Test package and now i want to purchase another test package? How can i make the purchase?

You need to make fresh purchase in such cases. Click on "Buy Package" on the left side of the page. Select the package you want to purchase and Click on "BUY NOW" button to proceed for payment.

How can I edit/update my personal details like Name, Mobile No., Registered Email-Id, Password, Address, City, and Profile Image?

‘Login’ with your User-Id and Password.
Click on Your name (For eg:- Mohit (Enroll User) or Mohit (Guest User)) on top side of the page, next to Notification tab.
Just add/edit information you wish to change and Click on 'Save' Button.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click on 'SIGN IN' button on the top side of the page.
Click on 'Forgot Your Password'.
Type your Registered Email-Id / User ID in the box provided and click on the 'SUBMIT'.
Open your registered email and you will get an Email with heading "SSC Tube :: Forgot Password" with your password.

Can I take tests on Mobile App of SSCtube?

Yes, you can. All of our tests can also be taken on our Mobile App. This can be downloaded from Google Play Store by visiting the link

How can I give feedback (or recommend something) related to the online test portal of SSCtube?

Your feedback is very valuable to us. Please write to us at or WhatsApp/Call us at 9582383798. We look forward to hearing from you.

How can I contribute to SSCtube?

Students can contribute to help the fellow aspirants by sharing their knowledge, information, New/Used questions and their best solving techniques, Notes or materials related to competitive exams by sending soft copies of these to us at
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